The Tri-Valley Fly Fishers was originally chartered in 1965 as the Livermore Fly Fishermen. The club is dedicated to the promotion of the sport of fly fishing including fly tying, casting and fly fishing techniques. We strive to make our meetings and literature informative, rewarding and fun.

Guest Speakers

Knowledgeable guest speakers are the highlight of our monthly meetings. Past speakers include renowned guides, authors, and conservation experts. Most share their knowledge and experience to help members become better fly fishers.

Fly Tying Class

TIC image The Beginning Fly Tying class is offered periodically based on demand. The class opens with a session on basic entomology, and an overview of the basic tools of the trade and how they're used. Instructors pass on many useful tips in the process. The steps for tying a simple caddis pattern (McCaddis) are demonstrated , then set the class loose to try it for themselves. Many beginning tyers feel all thumbs at first, but improve with continued effort and experience.

Beginning Fly Fishing

The Tri-Valley Fly Fishers offers the popular Fly Fishing Fundamentals Class taught by experienced Club members to new members of the Club. The 3-part course consists of 2 evenings of classroom instruction and 1 on the water casting sessions. Typically the class is offered in the Spring season, but we ask that you contact us to express your interest and your availability. We can schedule a class when we have 8 signups. We welcome beginners and experienced flyfishers. We also take signups for various flycasting courses offerred by club members. The links below gives more information for the next Fundamentals class and for a Class on Entomology.

  • Fly Fishing Fundamentals Class (Begins 4/27/19)
  • Entomology Class (Begins 2/06/19)
  • Fly Casting Lessons

    Gary Turri offers several fly casting couses for $45 at the central park in San Ramon. Gary is a long time member of The Tri-Valley Fly Fishers and a FFI Certified Fly Casting Instructor. Details can be found by clicking the link below.

  • Improving your Fly Casting Skills
  • Seminars

    At various times the club will have 1 hour seminars on various fly fishing topics. Check the Newsletter or website for upcoming sessions.