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Bill Scharninghausen

Bill Scharninghausen has been fly fishing for over 40 years. He got his start fly fishing for trout in the high Sierras as a youngster on backpack trios with his parents. A California native, Bill has a fished all over the Golden State in pursuit of   trout, bass, stripers, shad and numerous surf zone species.

In addition, Bill has fished across the US perusing everything from trout to tarpon. Bill was member of the pro staff at the former California Fly Shop where he was a frequent presenter on such far ranging topics as Tenkara, fishing the California surf, still water stripers, High Sierra trout fishing and many other presentations.  Bill was the head fly tying instructor at the shop and enjoys teaching beginners on tying their own flies. Bill is a frequent presenter and guide for many of the bay Area’s fishing clubs.

Does he have a favorite fish or place to fish? “Well that’s a hard one to answer! Probably stripers in the Delta and tarpon are my current favorites. However I fish a very special creek in the central Sierra’s which has a very healthy population of wild brown trout that has probably never seen another angler. It’s my “Curtis Creek” and shall remain nameless. It’s my all-time favorite!”

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