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Kistler Bass ponds 2019

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10 photo(s) Updated on: April 21, 2019
  • Gary with a terrific 2.5 lb smallmouth at Kistler yesterday! He added four more late in the day so a terrific day on poppers.
  • Todd Hyrn setting up his new Scadden to the ooh's and ahh's of the assembled crowd.
  • The boys working hard over the weedbeds...
  • And Todd with the "speedster" Scadden on the water.
  • Beautiful day on Kistler, except the nagging wind. Fish caught in any case makes for a great day with over 20 TVFF anglers on the water.
  • Who drove that tractor all the way out to Kistler to join our big crowd?
  • The first pond got a lot of work yesterday with TVFF anglers scattered all along the shoreline.
  • Robert Nishio floating up top.
  • Robert headed towards working under the trees.
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