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Chasing the California Heritage Trout Challenge Class

This single session will prepare anglers for scheduling and completing the California Heritage Trout Challenge. To qualify for the Challenge, six different native trout must be caught within their historic range. The historic range, for the purpose of the Challenge, includes the trout’s native distribution in California, prior to human influence (pre-19th century), and all waters that feed into this watershed.

Conversely, native species have been stocked in waters outside their native range to provide additional sport fishing opportunities. California Golden Trout can now be caught in many high-elevation streams and lakes across the Sierra Nevada; however, only those from the South Fork Kern River or Golden Trout Creek drainages qualify as a heritage species for the Challenge.

Course Topics:

  • The Heritage program, resources, & qualifying requirements
  • The personal experience value of the program
  • Understanding the qualifying watersheds and access
  • Determining and building a process for success
  • Planning around seasons, weather & fires
  • The Heritage Experience; what you are in for…
  • What to expect with setbacks and overcoming them
  • How to break the Challenge into digestible stages & legs
  • Sample stage 1 itinerary
  • Planning your target native fish
  • How to submit your award


Check our event calendar to see if this course is already scheduled. If not, please submit the interest form below. The club's Education Director will contact you when we receive enough interest to start another class.

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